Aetna Promotes Personalized Weight-loss Options

Finally Take Control of Your Weight in 2014 with Weight Loss Surgery

For some people, healthy lifestyle changes are not always enough. Adding a prescription weight-loss drug may help people who have a body mass index (BMI) of 27 or greater with at least one other weight-related risk or medical condition or those with a BMI of 30 or greater. In 2012, two new weight-loss drugs were approved by the FDA for the first time in 13 years: BELVIQ (Eisai Inc.) and Qsymia (VIVUS, Inc.). Clinical trials indicate significant potential for body weight loss ranging between 5-15 percent.
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10 things the weight-loss industry won’t tell you

15, 2014 LOS ANGELES, Jan. 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — It can be a little disappointing to give up on a new year’s resolution by the end of January, but it is common. However, a misstep on the road to our weight loss goals, even after a failed bariatric surgery, doesn’t mean we should give up hope. With a revision weight loss surgery performed by the board-certified bariatric surgeons at Beverly Hills Physicians, obesity related problems can finally be overcome.
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But our profits are still through the roof. While the weight loss industry is experiencing some issues, its still raking in the dough. In 2013, Americans will spend an estimated $2.4 billion on weight-loss services alone, according to a report by research firm IBISWorld, which predicts that industry revenue will hit $2.7 billion by 2018; this may be thanks to increased consumer spending, an improving economy and industry operators increasingly targeting men. Whats more, profit margins for the weight-loss industry average 11.8% of revenue and are higher than in most personal-service industries, miracle garcinia cambogia where they average 4.2%, according to IBISWorld. Despite its declining attendance and revenue, Weight Watchers reported a third quarter 2013 profit of $60.3 million (down from $67.4 million a year earlier) and revenue of $393.9 million (down 8.5% on a constant currency basis).
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